Sunday, 11 December 2011

Customizing images

A WIM angel can additionally be army as a fresh aggregate beneath Windows with a drive letter associated in adjustment to facilitate easier abstraction or afterlight of its contents. (For example, a WIM angel can be adapted into an ISO angel application this approach). A accessory disciplinarian called WimFltr.sys needs to be loaded afore a WIM angel can be army application ImageX however.

A set of accessible APIs for manipulating WIMs accept additionally been released, with the appropriate functionality independent in WIMGAPI.DLL, thereby acceptance developers to address their own accoutrement too. A cardinal of third affair applications accept accordingly included the adequacy to apprehend or address WIM files.

WIM images can be fabricated bootable, as is the case with Windows Vista's bureaucracy DVD. In this case, BOOT.WIM contains a bootable adaptation of Windows PE from which the accession is performed. Other bureaucracy files are independent in the book INSTALL.WIM.

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